What Is A Sea Scooter – Everything You Need To Know About Sea Scooters

Sea Scooters, are super fun underwater propulsion gadgets. Initially used by more serious scuba divers but in recent years have been adopted by thrill-seekers, water sports enthusiasts, and the general public ‘having a go’ on one while on vacation. If you are searching ‘what is a sea scooter‘, then please read on. I will go into more detail on these fantastic underwater gadgets.

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What Actually Is A Sea Scooter?


  • 1 What Actually Is A Sea Scooter?
    • 1.1 How do underwater sea scooters work?
    • 1.2 Are underwater sea scooters safe?
    • 1.3 How fast can sea scooters go?
    • 1.4 Are Sea Scooters safe for kids?
    • 1.5 What kind of battery life can I expect a charge to last for?
    • 1.6 Do I need to know how to swim?
    • 1.7 How deep can we dive with our Sea Scooters?
    • 1.8 OK, so how much is a Sea Scooter going to set me back?
    • 1.9 Hopefully, we have answered your question?

Sea Scooters, also known as Aqua Scooters, Underwater Scooters, and Personal watercraft have been around for decades. The first-ever Aqua/Sea Scooter was invented by a guy called Bernd Böttger from east Germany in 1967. He was a German chemical engineer and was trying to flee East Germany across the Baltic Sea to Denmark (brave man). If this interests you then you can read all about it on Wikipedia here.

I’m guessing you are more interested in current-day Sea Scooters, how they work, how fast or how safe they are, so we will jump right into that.

Sea Scooters are made to safely propel the person holding it through the water. It enables the user to travel more quickly through the water while conserving energy to enjoy their surroundings.

Sea Scooters are very compact and lightweight battery-powered devices that normally have one or two propellers, kind of like underwater drones. There is nothing quite like gliding seamlessly through the crystal clear ocean snorkeling and looking at the sea life beneath you. My wife and I were hooked the minute we tried it.

How do underwater sea scooters work?

Almost all Sea Scooters are powered by a rechargeable battery. There is a basic propeller system at the back of the unit which provides enough propulsion to pull you efficiently through the water when you are scuba diving or snorkeling. They are super safe and very environmentally friendly (they produce zero harmful emissions)

Are underwater sea scooters safe?

what is a sea scooterBecause Sea Scooters are mostly all battery-powered and only emit enough power to glide slowly through the water, this in effect makes them totally harmless. Harmless to you and to others you may be swimming or diving with. Sea Scooters are also totally harmless to any fish or sea creatures you might be lucky enough to be watching or following. A low voltage battery and a fully encased propulsion system makes them harmless and just a whole lot of fun 🙂

How fast can sea scooters go?

As I mentioned previously, Sea Scooters are not made to go very fast. They were designed to take some of the hard lifting out of diving, carrying heavy gear, etc. The speed on most units can be slightly adjusted to speeds in the 3-4 kmph range. While this is slow, it feels just right when you are swimming, snorkeling or diving. You will understand what I mean after you first Sea Scooter adventure )

Are Sea Scooters safe for kids?

A big resounding YES. We have kids and when they are old enough they will for sure be joining in the fun with us. In fact, I cannot wait for the day the four of us can get out on the ocean together Sea Scootering as a family 🙂 There are quite a few models suitable for kids, the one I will be buying is the Yamaha Sea Scooter with camera mount. It’s also a perfect entry-level Sea Scooter for adults also.  It’s made for ages 8 years and up.

Click image to view on Amazon

The thing I love most about this model is it has an auto shut-off, which means as soon as the child releases the trigger the Sea Scooter will auto shut off and float on the water. This particular Yamaha Sea Scooter is a good looking machine and very reasonably priced. Click the image to see it on amazon. Just to note. The review score on Amazon is a little off.  We have personally tried this model on a few occasions and I owned one for a few months myself.

Reading through the reviews, it becomes apparent that most of the gripes or negative reviews are almost certainly the user’s fault. While it’s NOT perfect, it is very much so worth the price tag and works as advertised.  So if it fits your criteria then it’s a great performer in the lower end of the price market.

What kind of battery life can I expect a charge to last for?

Different models have different batteries. Usually, the longer the battery life the more expensive the Sea Scooter, but they can range from anywhere between 30, 60, 90, or even up to 150 minutes of continual use on a single charge. You will find that the recharge time of batteries can vary a lot as well. Another thing to keep your eye on when choosing one. Some models you can recharge in 3minute’s which is awesome if you want to have a full day out snorkeling or diving with very little breaks between sessions.

If battery life and recharge times are important to you, then you must do your research before you splash out any of you hard-earned cash on one.

We do a lot of Sea Scooter Reviews so feel free to use the search bar and check out our reviews. Battery life is a biggie so we do cover that in all our reviews.

Do I need to know how to swim?

If you are planning on going out in the ocean alone, even if it’s only in shallow water then it is very much advised to know how to swim. But if you are with a strong swimmer and you have flotation aids on then you should be fine. Just stay close to shore and close to your partner. When it comes to any water you should be thinking safety at all times.

If you plan on hiring one or going on an arranged Sea Scooter excursion then please check with the company if it’s OK that you cannot swim. They should have certified trainers and instructors, but again please check their credentials as it’s not unknown for shady companies with no training or credentials to set up shop and lure in unsuspecting customers. Especially in overseas vacation destinations. Always check and always safety first.

How deep can we dive with our Sea Scooters?

This is really an open-ended question, but one we get a lot. We are just two extreme enthusiasts with a wealth of personal experience using Sea Scooters and Snorkel Equipment, we are not expert divers and we would never give advice on that. We use them primarily for snorkeling and only really go about 1-2 meters max underwater with them.

But if you are looking for hard facts about how deep you can dive then it is all down to the model you pick. Some models have a max depth of around 15ft (4.5m) but the more expensive models have a max depth guide of up to a whopping 230ft (70m)

If you are just a recreational user I would advise just keeping on top of the water and enjoy the ride. Once you become more confident then start to explore a little deeper. You will know when you are ready 🙂

OK, so how much is a Sea Scooter going to set me back?

There are dozens of models on the market, all with a different price tag. This is where your research comes in and the main purpose of this website. We do the testing and research and lay it out in a way that is hopefully crystal clear for you.

Sea Scooters can range anywhere from a few hundred bucks all the way up to a few thousand and beyond.

Before you go ahead and start your research take some notes on the specifications which are most important to you.

Here is an idea of the kind of checklist you might want to follow.

  1. Needs be under $700
  2. A battery charge of at least 90 mins
  3. Battery recharge rate of 1 hour or less
  4. No heavier than 10 kg
  5. Max dive depth of at least 30ft (10m)

Doing this at least makes sure you are not going to be disappointed that you have spent all that money on a Sea Scooter and then find out it is missing one important feature you thought it had.

Hopefully, we have answered your question?

Hopefully, I have answered the “What is a sea scooter” question and you are now seriously considering trying it out. Sea Scootering (not a word, I don’t think lol) is a fantastic activity to get involved with and if you have a love for the ocean or for water activities in general then this will open you up to a whole new horizon of unadulterated enjoyment. If you have any questions whatsoever, or if you want me to expand on any of the points I touched on in this post then please feel free to ask below. I would also LOVE to hear all about any Sea Scootering adventure you have been on or are about too )

Before you go…

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