SuBlue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Seascooter Review (+Action Camera Mount!)

If you have tried snorkeling, then you will appreciate how beautiful the ocean is beneath you. It’s a real sight to behold and an experience everyone should try. Kicking through the water viewing the sea life beneath is truly amazing. If you enjoy that then you are going to love our SuBlue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Seascooter review.

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WhiteShark Mix Underwater Seascooter Review


  • 1 Quick Overlook of the SuBlue Underwater Seascooter
  • 2 Pros and Cons of the SuBlue Underwater Seascooter
  • 3 Main Features of the SuBlue Underwater Seascooter
  • 4 Unboxing – What’s Included in the Box
  • 5 What does the company say about the product?
  • 6 Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

Claimed to be the world’s smallest Sea/Aqua Scooter it really packs a punch. Lets dive in (pardon the pun) and give this little entry-level Sea Scooter a full review.

Just to get off to a good start, if you’re not really sure what a Seascooter is then here is a brief description before our full review.

Sea Scooters are very compact and lightweight battery-powered devices that normally have one or two propellers, kind of like underwater drones which you hold onto and they pull you gently through the water letting you enjoy the view without expelling any energy making your snorkeling ten times more enjoyable. Of course, they can be used in pools just for the sheer fun of it.

Ok, so let’s dive into our review.

Quick Overlook of the SuBlue Underwater Seascooter

Let me start with the design! Wow! Where do I start?! It reminds me of those Sci-fi movies, in which the hero rides on the strangest and the most exciting vehicles you have ever seen! This is how I feel when I just look at this product! The color? Absolutely amazing! The seascooter comes with several external designs in blue, white, and black! But it doesn’t stop there! Let’s talk about its additional features!

The Sea Scooter is equipped with dual motors which makes it very robust for cruising under the water. Nowadays, being excited by an underwater activity is very appealing, but there is an insatiable tendency to record every moment of our life! You can do this while enjoying riding under the water, thanks to the GoPro mount attached to the Sea Scooter. Besides, the symmetrical and safe design makes this underwater scooter extremely easy to use, which is also perfect for kids!

WhiteShark Mix Underwater Seascooter Review

Although the aqua scooter is very small (L465mm*W230mm*H230mm) and not heavy (3.5 kgs), it rides like a beast! So, you can comfortably carry it when you are traveling. The battery is also chargeable and sealed and will pull you effortlessly through the water for roughly 30 minutes. Rest assured, the battery is water-proof as a Rolex watch! With a dive depth of up to 40 meters, and a maximum speed of 3.3 miles/h makes this model a really good entry point family-friendly Sea Scooter.

People have liked this very much! The vehicle is a four stars product on Amazon, receiving very positive feedback from the reviewers. One reviewer gives five stars and comments as follows: Greats scooter, this is a second one brought for grandkids. Last, about an hour which is plenty, get a second battery. Built well, a little pricey but worth it, small weighs about 5 lbs. another reviewer expresses his opinion as follows: Well-made device and shipping were fast. Will Purchase again!

Pros and Cons of the SuBlue Underwater Seascooter

So, let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of the seascooter. As we mentioned earlier, the symmetrical design makes it a user-friendly vehicle. You can easily grab the nearly horizontal bars attached to the motors. These motors are also protected by propeller guards for safety.

They also create thrust as strong as 17.6 pounds. Besides, we can exclusively call the vehicle the tiniest scooter in the world! To me, the scooter doesn’t have any cons, but running just for 30 minutes before it needs to be charged can sometimes be counted as a weak point.

SuBlue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Seascooter Review

Main Features of the SuBlue Underwater Seascooter

Here are some headlines related to WhiteShark Mix Underwater Sea Scooter:

  • WhiteShark Mix Specs
  • Weight: 6.28 pounds (2.8 kg)
  • Dimensions: 15 x 5.5 x 4.7 in (465 x 230 x 150 mm)
  • Power: 520W (2 x 260W)
  • Max diving depth: 130 ft (40m)
  • Speed: up to 3.45 MPH (5,5 kmh)
  • Battery life: up to 60 minutes (30 mins continuous use IE: pulling you through the water)
  • Charging time: 4 hours

Unboxing – What’s Included in the Box

  • Whiteshark Mix Seascooter
  • Floater
  • 1 battery (extra batteries can be bought separately)
  • Charger
  • Safety strap
  • Carry-on case

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What does the company say about the product?

The company has tried to highlight some features of their Sea Scooter on social network websites. For example, powerful motors & holding control with both hands, portability, and safety has been stressed by the company. Here is a nice sketch from, showing the practical features of the scooter. Check this out:

WhiteShark Mix Underwater Seascooter Review

Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

Before you make up your mind take a look at the official SuBlue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Seascooter Video and see it in Action!

So, here we tried to introduce you WhiteShark Mix Underwater Seascooter. Now it’s time for the big question! Is it worth buying it? According to Amazon, the product comes with five prices, ranging from $489.99 to $699.00.

The color and external design do seem to be an important factor in pricing. So, be careful, this product comes with different colors and external designs. All in all, this product gives you the opportunity to enjoy it while traveling due to its very compact design! It is also very lightweight and designed with safety in mind especially for use by younger kids.

With great overall reviews and some excellent features including the GoPro camera mount, makes this a hard one to pass on. It really does tick a lot of boxes especially the price points, weight and portability of the Sea Scooter. The only real cons about this model is the shorter continuous running time of about 30 mins. This is by no means a deal-breaker but might make you want to think about how you plan on using it.

The comments on Amazon are basically shouting ‘buy me, buy me’! So, what are you waiting for! it’s your turn trying it!

Check it out below.