SuBlue Swii Electric Kickboard Swimming Aid Review | For Kids and Adults

Although swimming is an exciting pastime activity, it can be risky for beginners, especially children. If you want your kids to be safe in the swimming pool, it would be best a good idea to check out the SuBlue Swii Electric Kickboard in our review today. The SuBlue Swii Electric Kickboard Swimming Aid Is marketed at kids over 6 but it works equally well for adults who weigh less than 100kgs.

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Swii is a smart electric keyboard manufactured by SuBlue.

Last year, its ergonomic design won the company the coveted Dot Award for Best Product Design. Moreover, it has robust buoyancy and remarkable power, making it suitable for people aged above six.

Despite its sturdiness, the Swii electric is lightweight and portable. The product has an inbuilt self-developed dual propeller system that can provide thrusts of up to 5kgf.

Because of the ergonomic design and smart distribution of weight and buoyancy, Swii ensures that users remain comfortable and stable while swimming.

The removable and rechargeable lithium battery is safe, portable, and, more importantly, lasts long without draining.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the SuBlue Swii

SuBlue Swii Electric Kickboard Swimming Aid Review


• Excellent battery live

• Dual-speed mode

• Lightweight and portable

• Stylish design

• High-quality EVA material

• Easy to use


• Limited weight capacity

• Available in two colors – white and orange

What’s in the Box?

Here is what you will get when you purchase the SuBlue Swill Electric Kickboard.

SuBlue Swii Electric Kickboard Swimming Aid Review

• 1 Swii Electric Kickboard

• 1 Charging Stand

• 1 Adapter Power Cord

• 1 Battery

• 1 Battery Protection Cover

• 5 Instruction Manuals


SuBlue Swii Electric Kickboard Swimming Aid Review

• Dimensions: 155cm*37.5cm*13.5cm (21.65”*14.7”*5.31”)

• Hose Weight: 3.8 kg (8.37 lbs.)

• Speed: 2.24 mph at high speed and 1.34mph at low speed

• Battery Capacity: 98Wh

• Recommended Users: 6-six-years-old and above


The following are the best features of the SuBlue Swill Electric Keyboard.

SuBlue Swii Electric Kickboard Swimming Aid Review


One challenge that faces most swimming novices is chocking. To prevent this, the Swii electric kickboard allows users to rest their chests on it. Once you assume this position, press and hold the buttons on both sides to start the engine.

Because the chest is always on the kickboard while swimming, it is almost impossible to choke. Even better, you can stop the kickboard by releasing either button.

Incredible Buoyancy

Besides safety, the Swii electric kickboard is remarkably buoyant. This makes it suitable for people of all ages, provided they don’t exceed 100 kg (220.5 lbs.).

As a reliable swimming aid for kids and adults, this product helps beginners overcome fear, improve skills, and master balancing on the water.

2-Speed Switch

With this kickboard, you can easily switch between to speed modes, low and high, using the power buttons. Since the battery can last for more than 30 minutes, every member of your family can enjoy themselves to their fill.

Inbuilt Dual-Motor

Thanks to its inbuilt dual-motor, this swimming aid can provide thrusts of up to 5kgf. This is particularly useful to kids who don’t have enough power to propel forwards while swimming.

The smart technology used in the motor’s construction ensures that it stops when the kickboard touches foreign objects, thus prevent the passenger from falling off.

Stylish Design

Another impressive feature of the Swii kickboard is the attractive design that won it the Dot Award in 2019. Its futuristic look incorporates the principles of fluid mechanics and ergonomics to make it stand out in the swimming pool.

Additionally, it has an industrial sealing that makes it waterproof.

Why You Should Purchase the SuBlue Swii Electric Kickboard

SuBlue Swii Electric Kickboard Swimming Aid Review

If you are wondering whether to purchase the Swii electric kickboard or not, here are some top reasons to buy the product.

Useful to the Whole Family

The Swii electric swimming aid is useful to all members of your family, provided they are above six years old and don’t weigh more than 100 kg. It helps users overcome the fear of water, improve their swimming skills, and master the art of balancing on water.

Moreover, it is easy to use. You only have to rest your chest on it, press the power buttons on the sides, and voila – you are ready to go. If you want to stop, release the buttons.

You can also switch between high and low-speed modes. Pressing the button once activates low speed while pressing it twice makes the kickboard move faster.

High-quality Material and Excellent Performance

Using the Swii kickboard is comfortable on your skin because it is made of EVA. Furthermore, it has an ergonomic design, has a futuristic outlook, and integrates the principles of fluid mechanics. When combined, these features provide an enjoyable user experience.

Patented Technology

When the Swii kickboard hits a foreign object, its built-in emergency stop function halts the engines in 0.2 seconds. This is a safety measure aimed at preventing swimmers from falling off.

Also, this product uses patented sealing technology that ensures it is waterproof. As a result, it stays afloat whenever it is on water.

Avoid Choking Your Kids

Since kids rest their chests while using the Swii kickboard, it is almost impossible to choke.

SuBlue Swii Electric Kickboard Swimming Aid Review

Troubleshooting Common Problems in the SuBlue Swii Electric Kickboard

Like other engine-powered products, this kickboard can sometimes be faulty. Here are some of the common problems and to deal with them.

Abnormal Rotation and Propeller Blockage

1. Switch off the kickboard.

2. Check the user guide for cleaning instructions.

3. Dry the device for further assessment.

Stain on Battery Terminals

1. Check for any damage to the battery terminals.

2. Look for damages on the sealing basket.

3. If the stains are minor, use a dry cloth to clean them and apply Vaseline on the terminals.

Unusual Status Light

1. Confirm that the battery is fully charged.

2. Switch on the device again.

SuBlue Swii Electric Kickboard Swimming Aid Review


The Swii electric kickboard is the ideal summer toy for your kids and your family.

It is easy to use, feels comfortable, has an attractive design, and, more importantly, has reliable safety features. A child as young as six can learn to use it on their own and become an expert at swimming in a few months.

Lastly, it has a maximum battery life of 45 minutes. Even if you have multiple kids, each of them can enjoy the kickboard provided the battery is fully charged.

You can head over to amazon and check out the price and reviews by clicking HERE or the button below.

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