AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter Review | Is It The Best Value For Money 2020?

AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter Review | Is It The Best Value For Money 2020?

The world of Sea Scooters is getting very exciting indeed. The technology is ever-improving and people from all walks of life, young and old alike are trying out sea scooters like never before.  There is a big demand for these awesome water gadgets and the marketing of these Sea Scooter companies are targeting the general public with their advertising and touting them as fun recreational underwater propulsion gadgets.

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Sea Scooters were originally designed for the more serious divers to help them take the load off and make their dives less strenuous, but are now used more for fun and adventure by thrill-seekers on vacation or weekend snorkelers. Whatever water activity you are into there is a Sea Scooter perfect for you. This post today is all about the fantastic all-rounder which is the awesome AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter.
AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter Review Is It The Best Value For Money 2020

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  • 1 AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter – One of the Best in the Market
  • 2 Check Out The Official Aquarobotman Magicjet Seascooter Demo Video
  • 3 AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter (AMJS)
  • 4 Comparison with similar products on the market
  • 5 Highlights
  • 6 What’s inside the Package?
  • 7 Pros and Cons
  • 8 Pros
  • 9 Cons
  • 10 Conclusion

Fact – Not sure what a sea scooter is?

Sea Scooters are very compact and lightweight battery-powered devices that normally have one or two propellers, kind of like underwater drones. Sea Scooters are made to safely propel the person holding it through the water. It enables the user to travel more quickly through the water while conserving energy to enjoy their surroundings.

AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter – One of the Best in the Market

Among all brands in the field of sea scooters, Aquarobotman excludes itself by manufacturing the most exquisite underwater-related recreational vehicles. Founded in 2015, Aquarobotman has devoted itself to cutting-edge underwater technology.

The first FHD Nemo Underwater Drone with 4 thrusters is probably one of the iconic products of the company. Now, what is their latest innovation?

Check Out The Official Aquarobotman Magicjet Seascooter Demo Video


AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter (AMJS)

AMJS is the latest piece of art designed by Aquarobotman company to give you the ultimate pleasure of swimming, diving, and snorkeling without having your muscles exhausted or worrying about your children’s safety.

You might have decided to buy a sea scooter, but you are wondering which one would be the best option! It depends on you! You should take your budget, the people who are going to use it, and your purpose into account. But don’t worry!

If you are looking for something sturdy, lightweight, and portable with a reasonable price that perfectly works for you and all members of your family, AMJS is the best of the best!

So, let’s start with some Specifications about AMJS:

  • BRAND: Aquarobotman
  • WEIGHT: 7.9 pounds (3.6 kilograms)
  • MAX SPEED: 3.9 mph (6.2 kph)
  • MAX DEPTH: 164 feet (50 meters)
  • RUN TIME: 100 minutes
  • PRICE: Around $699

Comparison with similar products on the market

Let compare it with similar products on the market and then you’ll see why AMJS is the best of the best! Besides Aquarobotman, there are eight more companies such as YAMAHA, JETPILOT, GENEINNO, JASSCOL, SUBLUE, TECHCLIC, HOVERSTAR, and APOLLO.

Although Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 and TUSA SAV-7 EVO-2’s maximum depth is 20m more than AMJS, they are very expensive ($1,995 and $3,799, respectively). This is also true for Yamaha Seawing II and Hoverstar AquaJet Dive H2 which go faster (8 and 9 km/h, respectively) but more expensive than AMJS ($995 and $1599, respectively).

Besides, Yamaha RDS250 and Yamaha 275L are running for 120 minutes, but they are much heavier than AMJS (14.5 and 8.2 kg, respectively). See? AMJS is best from different aspects.

HighlightsAQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter Review | Is It The Best Value For Money 2020?

Power in your palm: even scientists can easily facilitate their sampling since they can dive with the vehicle as deeply as 50 meters and do their job very fast, thanks to its remarkable velocity. The power button is also very user-friendly and doesn’t need much pressure to move the vehicle forward.

Long-running time: you can swim and snorkel without worrying about charging the battery. It could easily last for one hour and forty minutes. This lifetime enables you to dive deeper and deeper with confidence far from the beach.

Safe to dive: the engine is guarded by a plastic net which is very important in terms of its safety. this is very crucial for several reasons. First, children would be able to satisfy their curiosity while their parents are taking a sunbath on the beach! Second, you will be notified in advance when the battery is running out so that you could get back to the surface if you were in the depth of the sea. An LED light shows you that the battery is dying and you should get back fast.

Corrosion-proof: the material used in the body is anti-corrosive and stops leaking.

2-in-1 modular: we talked about its remarkable velocity and robustness before. AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter owes this to its two scooters in parallel. Sometimes, it’s not good enough when you can ride fast and safe! You want to have a memory of that exciting experience! AMJS has thought of that too. It is mounted with three high-resolution cameras, letting you take shots from different angles and enjoy it afterwards.

Additional safety features: it sometimes happens when you don’t know where you are underwater because of darkness, anxiety, etc. if this happens, ASJM can easily take you to the surface automatically. The heat from the engines doesn’t cause any trouble since it goes away very quickly.

Eco-friendly: you don’t plan to harm aquatic environments! Rest assured! The AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter is sealed extremely safe without leaking. Besides, it doesn’t make annoying noises, especially for aquatic animals. Part of the fun is getting intimate with wildlife, right! Nobody likes riding the aqua scooter is empty lifeless water! You want to dive and swim among fishes, turtles, etc. this is possible with ASJM because it doesn’t leak and make unwanted noises.

What’s inside the Package?

  • 1x MagicJet
  • 1x MagicJet battery
  • 1x MagicJet charger
  • 1x Connected bundle
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x 1-Year Limited Warranty for the main machine
  • 1x 180 Days Limited Warranty for battery

Pros and Cons


– What would happen if the battery died underwater? Don’t worry! Switching battery is possible even underwater so you don’t need to finish your tour!

– Is it possible to touch the aquatic plants, animals, and geographical features? Yes, indeed! How? You can ride the vehicle just by one hand and free the other one for interacting with the environment surrounding you.

– Safety features like an LED indicator, automatic navigation in case the rider’s lost, faster, and more robust movement upon combining two scooter units.

– Having the experience recorded by three cameras, taking very engaging shots to make it even more alive.


– I don’t think there is such a thing as a con, but children under 14 years old are not allowed to use the Sea scooter. Even the price is very reasonable when you compare it with other products on the market.

ConclusionAQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter Review | Is It The Best Value For Money 2020?

So, let’s review what we have found out here. AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter is the latest world-class technological innovation after the Nemo Underwater Drone. When it comes to comparison with other available brands and products, ASJM is greatly superior in terms of velocity, depth, and price.

Whether you are a professional diver or just a regular guy or gal excited about exploring the underworld, AJSM makes it possible for you to discover underwater wildlife without being worried about the battery!

Children upper than 14 years old are also able to experience the pleasure of cruising underwater while their parents are relaxed and not worried about their safety since ASJM’s engine is protected by a robust guard.

Have you decided yet? Check out the AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter directly on the official Aquarobotman Amazon page.